Designs in Wood by Nick Vidakovic


Colorful pictorial wood inlay - enjoy!

Roz Vidakovic

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Welcome to Designs in Wood - I'm your artist, Nick Vidakovic. This style of woodworking is called intarsia: pictorial wood inlay mosaics. Each composition is crafted from separate pieces. Those pieces are individually sanded, rounded, painted or stained, then inlaid to create the finished original design. Alternate direction of wood grains give each finished artwork its own unique character. As I travel all over the Midwest and Southeast, I enjoy meeting new friends and getting inspiration from the unique natural settings of each place. TO PLACE AN ORDER, EITHER EMAIL ME AT or call 941-799-1608. THANK YOU!


Baby sea turtles run for it!


Nick holding "Red Octopus"

Nick Vidakovic

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